We specialise in Intelligent Development

AIL Property Group is a real-estate investment and development company headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

The company focusses on smart and strategic residential and commercial projects with minimal risk.

Known for originality, attention to detail and for creating a rich quality of community life, AIL has been acquiring and developing property since the 1990s.

AIL was founded on trust and was developed to realise the vision of the visionaries.

The founding directors have combined to create, develop and deliver timeless projects through innovation and attention to detail.

Through astute diligence, each project is hand-picked, nurtured and brought to fruition with passion and integrity.

AIL’s goal is to be the most relied upon and trusted development company in Australia by continually providing high quality projects.


Our Investments

Our niche is medium density residential projects within 15km of the CBD. Our view is that these locations don't go out of fashion and demand drivers for this product survive any short-term market fluctuations.

AIL has honed its expertise to focus on luxury apartments and market-rate rentals, mixed-use developments and affordable properties – often in emerging neighbourhoods that enhance the lives of all its residents.

Consultants and Advisors

The Directors have an established network of first class consultants and advisors they have been working with for over a decade. Specifically,these networks cover Planning and Architecture, Construction, Quantity Surveying, Valuation, Finance and Legal.

In joining together with partners who share their passion, the company strives to incorporate the highest quality design, most innovative technology, and consummate professionalism into every phase of each undertaking.


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